OnlineProxy.co.uk allows you to surf the web anonymously and to bypass certain web restrictions, increasing your web security at the same time.

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What are the benefits of using OnlineProxy.co.uk free proxy service?

You can use our free proxy to hide your identity from network spies and hackers. Browsing the web with no encryption can sometimes be harmful. Every website you visit nowadays can be accessible by your internet provider or someone else currently spying your network range. By using our free proxy you can minimize threats by hiding your identity from people monitoring your traffic.

Some websites you access may not have SSL certificate or HTTPS access, so your personal data may be at risk. If you have suspicions that some website is not secure, you can access it via our free proxy server, thus minimizing the risk of your data being stolen on unsecured networks.

You can use our free proxy service to access websites anonymously. Your online fingerprint a.k.a. your IP address will be hidden which will allow you to browse the web without worrying that third parties could invade your privacy.

In order to use our proxy service there is no need to install any kind of third party software. You can access our proxy service through our website, using your default web browser.

Our free web proxy comes without annoying advertisements or pop ups.

If you need a proxy to access different video content unavailable at your location, our proxy servers work with some of the most popular video streaming sites like YouTube.com.

Specific websites may be blocked or censored on your internet connection. You can use our proxy server to bypass web blocks.

What is a proxy server?

Proxy server is an intermediary machine that corresponds between userís computer and the World Wide Web. There are different uses of a proxy server. Sometimes it can be used as a restriction tool. For example internet service providers can use it as a security mechanism to control the access to different websites or to filter content requests on the network.

Proxy server can also be used in an opposite way. By deploying a proxy server you can route users via your server, allowing them to bypass certain internet restrictions or forms of censorship. Users in countries with higher censorship of the web, frequently use proxy servers to access content that has been restricted to them.

Proxy server can also be used to improve performance of different servers or networks. For instance a proxy server can keep caches of different web pages, and whenever a request for a specific page is sent, the proxy server will use the stored information instead of retrieving it from the original source. This improves and speeds up access to the overloaded servers.

The most important use of a proxy server is to improve your security online and to protect your privacy. By using a proxy server, you route your online traffic over a remote server which hides your identity from network spies, hackers and online monitors.

Proxy servers have been proven as a very useful tool in this modern age where hackers, online identity thieves, online spies and trackers lurk over different networks.

Is it safe to use a free proxy server?

If you plan using a free anonymous proxy server, you shouldnít be scared, but you should be careful just like in any other activity you are participating in online. You should use only trusted proxy servers who have known integrity. You can check reviews and see if the owners of the proxy server are known and trusted. Also be sure to check if the proxy service has a clear privacy policy.

You should never use proxy servers that have a completely unknown integrity. If there is no choice and you need to use a particular proxy server, you should avoid passing any sensitive private information. It is also important to know that sometimes the use of anonymous proxy server can be more secure then browsing the web without a proxy.

Bottom line, if you find a trusted proxy server with known integrity you donít have really nothing to worry about as your connection may be even more private and secure.